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New macro

20 October, 2010

New Macro in Macro Menu: <HISNAME>


11 October, 2010

Number of Callsigns has been inserted in Stats Menu

ROS Internal Spots

7 October, 2010

With Internal Spot Option you can send Internal Messages to ROS users. This spots don’t appear in the Cluster. 

There is Public Messages and Private Messages:

To send a Private Message write the Seen Callsign and press SEND PRIVATE:

Online Database

3 October, 2010

With the new Online Database, doing click on a callsign, Name, QTH and Locator are filled in ADIF window directly. 

Red Led: No Internet access

Yellow Led: Callsign not registered yet

Green Led: Callsign OK

Repeat Button

3 October, 2010

RPT Button, to repeat last transmission: