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2000 kms on 2m Band

30 August, 2010

Tune Switch

28 August, 2010

Tune switch on Main Panel for easy tuning manual antenna tuner.

A  1500Hz test tone is generated.

Across Africa on 10 meters

27 August, 2010

Great contact across Africa on 10 meters. 8788 kms. FR1GZ from Reunion Island (Africa) was recieved by EB5DBW in Spain using ROS8.



26 August, 2010

In Stats Menu you have the number of countries worked in ROS Mode.

Countries that you are not worked will appear in Red:

Frequency Direct Links

23 August, 2010

I suposse everybody knows about it, but i am not 100% sure. 

If you click on a freq. window, for example 14103, frequency is set to 14103 directly. This method is faster than use “Page up” or “Page Down” keys when we are in a given band. with ROS

22 August, 2010

With v5.3.1 Beta you can send your QSO to easily.

First, enter your eQSL Username and Password in “ Menu”

If the checkbox is clicked, data will be sent to your eQSL OutBox at the same time that the ADIF file is recorded.

Note: RST field has not been included because it has not sense in this mode. If you wish, better write S/N Ratio and Fade Marge in Notes field, or what you want.

Good Propagation on 30 meters too

22 August, 2010

Great contact of ZL2FT with YO2MFZ on 10144. 17800 kms. Congratulations!

Spain-New Zealand on 40 meters. 19675 kms

20 August, 2010

Another great contact using ROS on 40 meters. EA7IQZ with ZL2FT 19675 kms.

France-New Zealand on 40 meters

19 August, 2010

F6DRA with ZL2FT: 19268 kms.


Pumares y los carritos de la compra

18 August, 2010