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25 March, 2010

On March 28 at 00:00:01 UTC, new improvements will be incorporated to ROS 16 HF Modes for 2250 and 500 Hz. It will improve even more the robutness again HF slow fadding and interferences. This possibility also that two stations can transmit with ROS 16 at the same time, however, that is not the main of ROS HF modes. The real objective of these improvements is to optimize the power of the rig (QRP communications).

In the case of ROS 8 bauds these improvements are already available (only we have to wait people with v2.8.0 change his old version).

Changes have been programmed previously in the software to avoid the chaos with the different versions. You just have to wait for D-Day and H-Hour and  if you are using latest version you should not have problems during the transition from the old to the new protocol.

To celebrate this new change, I have prepared a new version that measures the S/N Rate  and that allows us to estimate how much power you can reduce without losing the link. It will ready on March 28.

Thank you all for experimenting with ROS and contribute to its development. Enjoy it


18 March, 2010




Amazing: QSO Venezuela-Russia with several RTTY stations transmitting into the bandwidth during the RTTY Contest 2010: