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3 February, 2013

With the purpose of giving to meet the new hams and continue demonstrating to the veterans the utility, easy handling and ROS operation, the EUROPEAN ROS CLUB, convenes to the Hams of the world, the ROS WEEKEND, a weekend exclusive for those interested can use ROS and share experiences.

1.- Date: from March 23 at 00:01 UTC until March 24 at 23:59 UTC.

2.- Call: CQ, CQ, ROS WEEKEND.

3.- The award can be requested by any Ham or CB user (except USA).

4.- To obtain the award will require 30 contacts. Only one QSO per station per band. The use of the cluster is allowed, but not allowed self-advertising.

5.- The award will be awarded in ROS MODE.

6.- The application bands will be of 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 or 160 meters, and the only valid mode is the explained in section 5.

7.- The QSO duplicates will not be valid.

8.- The lists must be submitted in ADIF format generated by the program itself, via email to: indicating in the subject “ROS Weekend”.

9.- The award will be sent by e-mail in DIN A4 size in JPEG format.

10.- These RULES can be modified at any time by the organization of the award, if there are reasons for this. Decisions taken by the award organization, must be respected by the users.

 73, EA5HJY-Manolo