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Translation to Polish

24 August, 2011

Translation to Polish language by Roman Bagiñski SP4JEU 

 (ROS v6.6.8  re-uploaded). Thanks to Roman


EG5VCE. Vuelta a España 2011

22 August, 2011

Vuelta a España 2011, Special Callsign in ROS. From 23 August to 11 september .


QSO Forwarding to UR5EQF, DXKeeper and MIXW2

21 August, 2011

In UR5EQF Log is neccesary to select the ROS.adi path. Click in the ROS logo.

Add ROS mode:

For Mixw2, select the Mixw2.log path:

New Voacap

21 August, 2011

Santina de Covadonga 2011 Award in ROS

15 August, 2011

This year, the Santina de Covadonga 2011 Award will include ROS with the following specials callsigns:

EG5SDC – HF Bands. ROS Mode. 1 – 7 September.

EH5SDC – HF Bands. ROS Mode. 8 – 11 September
  Good luck

ROS with balcony antenna

15 August, 2011

This antenna is used by EA5GTU/P during his holidays  in La Manga (Spain). Besides of  this antenna being low efficient on HF, he could contact with YV5MM (Venezuela) with ROS.

And this is an example of how you should not configure your Rig filter. In this case ROS frequencies below 1000Hz are lost in a Icom-7000. However the contact with YV5MM could be completed in the worst conditions.

First on air test of the ROS Digital Repeater Mode‏

3 August, 2011

First on air test of the ROS Digital Repeater Mode (by Graham G0NBD)
Communication   where  established  on   28.295  Mhz  , all  stations  using  the  same   frequency
The RF  path   G0NBD  <>  IK2AOS    and     EA5HVK <>  IK2AOS ,
No  signal  from EA5HVK  could  be  observed  at  IO83LK 


Later  , the   cross band  function  was successfully   trailed, with a   HF / VHF  two  way   qso  between   G4WGT  and   EA5HVK using my  station  G0NBD  as the  cross  band  repeating  station.

G4WGT  using 144.980 and EA5HVK 10.134. 

The RF path G4WGT <> G0NBD <> EA5HVK  

Selective decoding

1 August, 2011

From 3 August 2011, the new ROS Mode accepts selective decoding and it will not be compatible with the present ROS Mode.

In position ALL decode any message (recommended for SWL operation).

In position RN6AM only decode RN6AM transmissions (recommended for QSO operation).