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ROS 7.1.5 downloads

13 January, 2013

ROS 7.1.5 downloads have exceed the daily limit of downloads in the Rapidshare server.

Try again during the next days

73, Jose Alberto

2nd. World Day of ROS Mode

2 January, 2013

The 2. World Day of ROS-Mode – The digital Day 2013 will happen on 03.03.2013 !

The last World Day of ROS-Mode was a mega day – now we are hoping, that our next event will top this enjoyable result and far more radio amateurs round the world will participate.

Please advertise our project as much as possible – thank you for helping.

Now the dates:Term : sunday 03.03.2013

Beginning : 06:00 UTC

Ending : 23:00 UTC

Band : 11m CB

Channel : 25

QRGs : 27,245 and 27,695 MHz

Modulation : USB + ROS symbol rate 8

Please disconnect your beacon during this day, they disturb the business and perhaps the QSOs of other users. Please note “ENDE or END” at the end of your ROS QSO, so the other ROS users are sure, that you have finished.Further information for the ROS-Day 2013 and the rules are to be find on webside:
ROS 11 meters forum:
ROS day