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Live QSO 18600 kms with a piece of wire

29 September, 2010

Rob Greaves Just installed ROS. First QSO on 20m to Jorge EA8TL, Tenerife = 18670km. My rig 10W to piece of wire dangling out of the window! 73 – Rob VK2GOM

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Europe-Australia on 30 meters

25 September, 2010

Live QSO’s Europe-Australia on 30 meters with ROS

Windows 7 Audio Tips

22 September, 2010

Windows 7 Audio Tips, by Carlos Gil EA1II

  Windows 7 Audio Tips

ROS in QRZ Logbook

19 September, 2010


19 September, 2010

Now in Alarm/Sounds Menu you can configure multiples sounds played in the PC speaker. So, you can monitoring ROS activity with the software minimized while you are working with your PC. For example, a sound is played when a new DXCC appears in the RX text.

Go to Alarm /Sounds Menu to configure the sounds:

Click on Speaker Icon to test every different sound:


Note: PC Speaker sounds don’t work in Windows7.

New Macros

15 September, 2010

To configure Macros, click in Configure/Macros or click Right Button Mouse over any Macro Button.


Select the colours clicking on the Macro Button:


To eliminate a button left the name empty:


When Clear TX is checked, TX window is erased when you press that button.

ROS in Win98 and Milenium

15 September, 2010

ROS v5.6.8 Beta is compatible with OS Windows 98 and Milenium.

CPU Usage with these OS is not avaiable, so you only can use the Beacon in Report Only Mode (ROM).

Pumares y el Aire Acondicionado

13 September, 2010

How to import ROS.adi to HRD logbook

11 September, 2010

Click in Logbook -> Import

Select your ROS.adi:

With ROS v5.5.7 or superior QSO’s are not duplicated in HRD.

(thanks to EA8TL)

ROS MF-1/7 Daytime test to Delft web-sdr

11 September, 2010

Decodes  via the  web-sdr at Delft , with  reliable  de-codes  from
mid-day over a  650 Kmtr  path  from IO83LK , 1150  to  16-30 z using ROS-MF-1 .

Power  levels  from 125  watts  to  25  watts , with  reliable de-codes  at  50  watts ,Ae  35  ft  top loaded vertical in inv-L- config , tuned against ground with  air spaced auto transfomer and  series variomenter

73, Graham G0NBD

RX1: 16:00 @ -0.4 Hz: CQ DD>0NBD IN IO83LK 25 W <STOP> -32 dB  0 km @ 000º 0.502 Mhz
RX1: 16:04 @ -0.4 Hz: CQ DE G0NBD IN IO83LK 25 W <STOP> -34 dB  0 km @ 000º 0.502 Mhz

   Full test