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Interfaces with audio potentiometers

31 March, 2011

Some interfaces have external or built-in potentiometers for the audio input adjustment to the soundcard. Unfortunately, this potentiometer is adjusted in some interfaces for a minimum volume output and it is not appropiate for weak signals detection. Test have shown that you could loss until 10 dB of reception if this potentiometer is not properly adjusted.

Recommended to adjust this potentiometer for the maximum audio. After, adjust the audio input properly using the Windows Audio Mixer until the ROS VU marks about -5 dB or -4 dB.

ROS CAT: Virtual Ports

30 March, 2011

Now, with the v6.4.1 Beta, ROS CAT can works until the Virtual Port Number 40.

DX on 6 meters band

28 March, 2011

Great DX of 4300 kms last weekend on 6 meters of TR8CA in Gabon with Spain and Italy. Congratulations!.

APC (Automatic Power Control)

21 March, 2011

This new system adjusts the RF Power depending on Fade Marge you want to have and using the reports recieved. Thus, communications can be more efficient.

In the APC menu, select the Fade Marge and the Power Limit for this system. +10 dB is an enough value for Fade Marge, but you can experiment with lower values. 

APC is switched with the APC switch.

Important: Logically, this system requires a CAT interface and a rig with the possibility of controlling the RF power by commands, unless you have a robotic arm connected to the serial port.

Long range requires a low gear

8 March, 2011

Long  range  requires a low gear ,

Following the  excellent  decode  of G0NBD by  RN6AM , at  a  range  of  some 2000  miles  with  part of the  path  in daylight , a night  time test  with  CO2DC  proved the  viability  of the ROS  data  mode’s  immunity to  path distortion , by  providing  decodes  over a  4400  mile  path in darkness , from 100 watts  to  a  35  ft  end  fed ground mounted vertical  Ae , reception  by 40  mtr  dipole

To date  the  5  meg band  has been  the  grave  yard  of  data  modes  , turbulent  and  unstable  propagation reducing end  stopping  signals  to  gibberish  , high  band noise adding  destructively to  the  drop  out rates  of psk  systems.

Full  decodes  where  obtained by  CO2DC at  all  speeds , with an impressive  100% decode  over a  5  minute period obtained  using the  low  range  HF-4 mode , designed to  provide  full  256 character  communications  in ”below noise”  ‘last  ditch’  situations

RX16: 01:01 @ 0,0 Hz: CQ de  G0NBD  in IO83lk  <STOP> -21 dB 
RX8: 01:06 @ 0,0 Hz: CQ de  G0NBD  in IO83lk  <STOP> -20 dB
RX4: 01:10 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -21 dB
RX4: 01:11 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -17 dB
RX4: 01:12 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -20 dB
RX4: 01:13 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -22 dB
RX4: 01:13 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -19 dB
RX4: 01:14 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  <STOP> -22 dB
RX4: 01:15 @ 2,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  IO83lk  <STOP> -21 dB
RX8: 01:16 @ 0,0 Hz: d i de G0NBD  I  <STOP> -20 dB
RX16: 01:16 @ 0,0 Hz: CQ de G0NBD  iðtt¦lk g0d@hotmail.n e <STOP> -21 dB
RX4: 01:17 @ 2,0 Hz: , 73. de G0NBD sk  <STOP> -19 dB

Beacon on 27505

7 March, 2011

30WP210 ACTIVE beacon on 27.505, locator JN11ck. Email reports are welcome

Mr. ROS Interview on Onda Cero Córdoba

2 March, 2011

367. José Alberto Nieto ea5hvk. Ros, un innovador sistema que rompe barreras en las comunicaciones digitales

Antenna Selection

2 March, 2011

Select the antena connector (1-4) according to the Band. Only available for Rigs with several antenna connectors.

Antenna Selection works in Remote Mode too.