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Changes for July, 3

30 June, 2010

Sometimes, the first characters in the message are broken:

>> RX1: 19:28 @ 5.4 Hz: O4WGT <STOP> -34 dB
>> RX1: 19:33 @ 5.4 Hz: G4WGT <STOP> -31 dB

This problem will be fixed from July 3 at 00:00:01 UTC with some changes in the ROS protocol. You only have to renove your old ROS version.

73, Jose Alberto

ROS in Russian

30 June, 2010

ROS v4.5.4 has the option of Russian language (with English symbols)

Translation courtesy of Serge RV3APM

Thank you very much!

First ROS QSO from a Maritime Mobile

29 June, 2010

First contact from a Maritime Mobile using ROS.

EA7AQV/MM (the last boy of Écija)  at Tavira Island (Portugal) did a QSO with Jesús CO2DC at LA Habana on 20 meters in dark night (00:09 UTC)

He has problems with ground plane in his antenna and was using only 7 watts with ROS8/2250.


RX8: 00:09 @ 15,6 Hz: CO2DC de EA7AQV/MM sabía que te encontraria, y atas, primer contacto en ROS/MM,  decir que es HISTORICO, hihihihihihh, dime como me copias en 8 Bd, estoy con 7 w exactamente……  bk <STOP> -19 dB

TX8: 00:10 EA7AQV/MM de CO2DC S/N: -19 dB, Marge: +7 dB si bajasemos a 4 baud seria perfecto ya que todavia te pierdo algo , bueno entonces soy tu primer contacto como MM claro que es historico , y dime si estas fondeado o navegando a esta hora…. por aqui lloviendo y con truenos pero no cerca  , por aqui todos al kilo EA7AQV/MM de CO2DC kn <STOP>

RX8: 00:13 @ 15,6 Hz: CO2DC de EA7AQV/MM  Jesus, estoy fondeado en en frente a la isla de Tavira, hay viento de N, y la noche fresca, había tenido más de un problema con la RÌa brdo, de hecho estoy saliendo solo con 7 w, pues con 20 w tengo problemas de RF en el PC, que se <STOP> -21 dB

TX8: 00:15 EA7AQV/MM de CO2DC S/N: -21 dB, Marge: +5 dB bueno parece que te pillaron las letras rojas ,  para 7w es un fenomeno la senal , no se donde queda la isla de Tavira tu me daras una idea , no se si estas en el Mediterraneo o en el Atlantico , por aqui mucho calor tenemos un ciclon que no nos afecta  pero atravesara Yucatan al sur  BK BK <STOP>

A reply of Alinghi in the America’s Cup 🙂

ROS User Guide in French

28 June, 2010

Now ROS USer Guide also in French.

Translation courtesy of  Henri F6BAZ

Thank you very much.

Nuevo Blog de YV5MM

27 June, 2010

Manuel YV5MM, miembro de RadioClub Venezolano,  ha creado este blog en Español con QSL’s y contactos con el Modo ROS.

England-South Africa on 30 meters

26 June, 2010

Great QSO reported by Dave, G3ZXX. 9035 km between England and South Africa (Ben ZS6ANZ) on 10144. Congratulations!

Just thought that it might be NEWS worthy, but I’ve just had a QSO with Ben ZS6ANZ, on 10144.

Contact was initially established using 8/500 but we had to change to 4/500 to complete the QSO.

Cheers &amp; 73
Dave, G3ZXX

Australia-Canary Islands 17948 Km!!

26 June, 2010

New interferences  🙂 of John VK7XX in Europe. This time with Jorge EA8TL. ¡¡17.948 kms!! with ROS4.

S/N: 0 dB  (It means 29 dB!! of Fade Marge for ROS4)

Congratulations to John and Jorge for this Great QSO.

Australia-Twente 16792 Km !! on 14115

25 June, 2010

This message was intercepted at Twente SDR (long wire antenna) from John VK7XX to F4FHY on 20 meters and ¡¡16 bauds!!.

This appear in my personal stats as the Farthest Contact recieved.  Now we understand why ARRL say that “ROS could produce interferences on HF Bands” 🙂 

John, don’t use ROS in Australia, please. You are producing interferences at Twente, hi hi  🙂

QSL in the ROS Email Report

24 June, 2010

Now you can send a QSL or another Photo in the Email Signal Report.

You have to attach the Internet Link of your Photo  in “Email menu”. 

 The image will be attached into Email Report.

New Frequency on 2 meters: 144.980

24 June, 2010

 By suggestion of LU6FPJ, new frequency  for Tropospheric  and line-of-sight communications on 2 meters: 144.980 USB