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25 January, 2011

Similar to and, QSO’s can be exported to HAMLOG.EU easily. Thanks to Zoli HA9RQ.

Select  Open QSO exported  if you want check the QSO recorded.


ROS in Funk Amateur

25 January, 2011

Complete article about ROS Mode in the prestigious magazine Funk Amateur Sep 2010  (by Elke Barthels DM3ML)

Datamode groups join forces for contesting

21 January, 2011

The RSGB Contest Committee and the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group have joined forces to promote data modes in contesting.

For the first time, the RSGB HF Championship this year will include non-RSGB contests, beginning with the BARTG Sprint this weekend. This means that data enthusiasts will now be able to participate in the RSGB HF Championship. For more details see the RSGB Contest Committee website,

EA5HVK software

10 January, 2011

  VARA HF Modem v1.6.5 (High performance HF modem)

  VARA Documentation  

  ROS v7.4.0 (Weak Signal Radio Chat)

  Opera v1.6.5 (Weak signal ASK Beacon)

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0 

  Análisis Modo ROS (by ANgazu)  

  El Modo ROS I, II y III – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  El modo Opera – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  ROS Guia Rapida (by EA5HIZ) 

  Youtube ROS tutorial (by VE1XOP)   

  AirScatter 144Mhz with Opera (by EB5AL) 

  ROS according the ARRL “technical experts”  

  Spread-Spectrum?- No, it’s not!  (by G4WNC)  

  Windows 7 audio tips  (by EA1II)  

  Signalink USB modifications  (by G8APM) 

  G0HDI’s Ros Mode Page  (by G0HDI)  

  Welcome to the Opera  (by G0HDI)  

  Opera Dynamic Search (G0NBD)  

  Le mode ROS  (by 14GIM035)   

  Tutoriel – Icom IC-7300 et logiciel ROS de EA5HVK (Radioamateurs France)   

  ROS tutorial (by CS7AEL)   images (25 x 17)

  ROS Mode (by IK1AMC)   bandera-italia (25 x 17)

  Opera Generator (Source Code)

8 January, 2011

Configuration is very easy and similar to eQSL . Simply enter your Upload Code  and click on the HRDLog check.

At the same time you press on EXPORT QSO,  the QSO will be sent to

Courtesy of IW1QLH.

10 dB Audio Output Attenuator

7 January, 2011

Some soundcard interfaces need an extra audio attenuation to avoid ALC saturation. A 10dB attenuator has been added in Soundcard Menu.

(And Happy New Year 2011 )

Iceland-England on 502 Khz. 1603 kms ROS MF

7 January, 2011

ROS CAT for Kenwood

6 January, 2011

Now ROS CAT 2.0 scans and set the parameters of your Kenwood interface automatically.

Available since ROS v6.1.2 Beta.

Special thanks to:

EC5AAC (TS-870)
EB4FMT (TS-2000,TS-850)
RA3GGW (TS2000)
F6AYB (TS-850)
DL1MNU (TS-480)
ON7KB (TS2000)
VE2JD (TS-850)