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QSO Venezuela-Australia

31 July, 2010

Francesco Picconne YV4GJN sent this screenshot of his first QSO with Australia in ROS with VK2CBL at 1:00 UTC. He was using ROS4 and 70W to a Carolina Windom short Antenna and he could be decoded at Twente SDR too. Congratulations! 

Francesco in Twente SDR:

RX4: 01:02 @ 62,5 Hz: VK2CBL  VK2CBL  VK2CBL  de  YV4GJN  YV4GJN  YV4GJN  kn  <STOP> -21 dB
RX4: 01:05 @ 60,5 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN My name is Francesco, m<QTH is Valencia Venezuela, Locator:  FK50xf  <STOP> -18 dB  8080 km @ 264º
RX4: 01:09 @ 58,6 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN Station: ROS v4.8.8 Beta Rig IC-706 MKII 70 Wtt. Antenna Carolina Windom short  <STOP> -20 dB
RX4: 01:14 @ 58,6 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN tnx fer QSO, 73. VK2CBL de YV4GJN sk”MY FIRTS QSO IN ROS AUSTRALIA NICE NICE 73 EQSL CC” <STOP> -18 dB

Dr Livingstone, again?

30 July, 2010

New African Record on 30 meters, this time a QSO of G0NBD with ZS6ANZ of 9438 kms using 20 watts  and 35 feet of  scaffold pipe    (home made vertical) . QSO started with 8 bauds (Marge 5 dB) and they finished using 4 bauds for more guaranties. Congratulations and thanks for the report. 

TX8: 19:35 ZS6ANZ de G0NBD k <STOP>
RX8: 19:36 @ -11.7 Hz: G0NBD de ZS6ANZ S/P: -21 dB, Marge: +5 dB <STOP> -21 dB
TX4: 19:36 ZS6ANZ de G0NBD S/N: -21 dB, Marge: +5 dB My name is Graham, my QTH is Wallasey nr Liverpool, Locator: IO83LK ….how copy ?? <STOP>
RX4: 19:39 @ -15.6 Hz: G0NBD de ZS6ANZ GE Graham My name is BEN, my QTH is VAALMARINA, SOUTH AFRICA,, Locator: KG43cc oCEs <STOP> -21 dB 9422 km @ 152º
TX4: 19:40 ZS6ANZ ok Ben fb , hr 20w 35 ft vert tnx vg dx qso . 73  gd dx ? tnx fer QSO, 73. ZS6ANZ de G0NBD sk <STOP>

Recieved at Twente SDR:

Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

28 July, 2010

Great QSO on 30 meters across Africa (8500 kms).

With ROS Mode the History of Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingstone had been some different 🙂

Congratulations to ZS6ANZ, UT3WW and UT2GA.

New Zealand at Twente SDR on 14112

27 July, 2010

At 15:05 UTC, ZL1CDP has appeared on my RX screen listening at Twente SDR

Perfect copy with a S/N of -23 dB, Fade Marge only 3dB  using ROS8/2250.

In this case using ROS16 the contact had been impossible (Marge 0 dB)  so, for long distances and low power, the best options are ROS8 or ROS4.

New record: 19411 km!! 30W + dipole

23 July, 2010

Great QSO of EA3FHP ( with Pete, ZL2AUB using 30 watts and a simple dipole. They was using intelligently 8  bauds instead of 16 bauds

Note:  The record is in distance, not in Power.

Liverpool-Brasil 25w Antenna vertical

23 July, 2010

Nice QSO reported by Graham G0NBD on 20 meters,  25w Antenna  35 ft  vert.  He was transmitting with 8 bauds, and PY6HL was using 16 bauds.


RX16: 22:09 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD G0NBD de PY6HL PY6HL S/N: -19 dB, Marge: +7 dB pse kn <STOP> -13 dB

TX8: 22:10 PY6HL de G0NBD S/N: -13 dB, Marge: +10 dB Tnx – fr call My name is Graham, my QTH is Wallasey nr Liverpool, Locator: IO83LK how copy ? <STOP>

RX16: 22:11 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD de PY6HL – >>> Name ED, Qth Bahia, Grid: HH05lf – Station: ROS v4.8.2 Beta >>> IC-706MKIIG 25w Broad Band Dipole – PC Asus >>> G0NBD de niq6HL – ae <STOP> -12 dB 8319 km @ 216º

TX8: 22:12 PY6HL de G0NBD ok ED good copy .. hr 25 w .. 35 ft vert .. ft897-d ..ok many thanks tnx fer QSO, 73. PY6HL de G0NBD sk <STOP>

RX16: 22:13 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD de PY6HL – >>> Tnx nice qso dr Graham, hpe meet agn sn on ROS or JT65 Best 73 anfL de PY6HL sk …-.- <STOP> -16 dB

TX8: 22:14 PY6HL de G0NBD ok Ed many thanks ..nice dx qso hihi 73737 from wet liverpool hihi <STOP>

RX16: 22:15 @ -7.8 Hz: Tks Bye om …-.- <STOP> -15 dB

Carlos Pumares y el canon de la SGAE

14 July, 2010


14 July, 2010

New record in distance: 18961 km!! 599

13 July, 2010

 As usual in ROS, 18961 km with 100% copy.

New record in distance: 18660 km!! 599

10 July, 2010

New record in the EA8TL stats on 20 meters. This time with Len VK2CBL at Sidney at 18660 km from his QTH. 599 in both sides. 

 S/N: -3 dB . It means 23 dB of Fade Marge with ROS8. VK2CBL could have reduced 40 times his power to achieve the same result: 100% error free.

Congratulations to Len and Jorge for this Great QSO, but try decrease the power when you use ROS. This is not PSK31.